Three consecutive holidays from today.
Many people may go out.
At this time of year, there are many people who are troubled by insect bites, especially after the holidays.
The most common is gnats.

This is a small insect on the water’s edge, and is abundant at campsites in Gunma and Tochigi.
People who live in the city center are not very familiar with insects, but this insect has other troublesome things.

Immediately after being bitten (not stabbed), it hurts a little, but it gradually swells from the next day.
If you are stabbed in several places, your legs will be about 1.5 times larger and you will not be able to walk.

The preventive measure is to wear jeans below your knees and thick socks.
It doesn’t jump higher than your knees, so if you don’t lie down, you can guard only below your knees.

I rarely hear insect repellent, so please wear clothes to prevent it from being bitten.

Even at our hospital, there are 4 or 5 patients after the holidays.


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