Dr. Keizo Nitta

Head Doctor of Hiro Clinic NIPT Sapporo

Dr. Keizo Nitta先生

With the increasing trend toward childbearing at an older age, the need for NIPT continues to rise.

In the future, the accuracy of NIPT and the range of items that can be tested will also increase.

We believe that we have an obligation to appropriately provide pregnant women with the information that is made possible to know in today's medical care.

Along with the right to know, there is also the right not to know.

We believe that it is also a medical obligation to not inform people of information they do not want to know.

At our clinic, you can choose the information you want to know.

Please consult with us to determine which plan is best for you, and we encourage you to choose the test that is right for you.

Brief History

1996 - Saitama Medical School General Medical Center

2002 - Kanagawa Prefectural Children's Medical Center

2004 - Yokohama Minami Mutual Aid Hospital, National Public Service Mutual Aid Association

2010 - Yokosuka City Uwamachi Hospital

2012 - Mikasa City Mikasa General Hospital

2015 - Naganuma Pediatrics, Ryouryokai Medical Corporation

2019 - Minamihoro Hospital, National Health Insurance


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