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満足度調査_総合評価 満足度調査_サイトの見やすさ 満足度調査_結果が出るまでの日数 満足度調査_NIPTを受検

We conducted a survey on the satisfaction with NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) in March 2024 among users of Hiro Clinic.
Survey conducted by Easy Cloud Co., Ltd. in March 2024.

Why choose Hiro Clinic?

“Only at Hiro Clinic can get all combinations”

What is Illumina?

NIPT testing is offered primarily using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. This test non-invasively tests for chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus during pregnancy and screens for conditions such as Down syndrome and trisomy.

What is Medicover?

It offers NIPT testing using proprietary technology. In addition to screening for chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus, it also provides information on the sex of the foetus and the amount of free DNA in the pregnancy.

Differences between Early Next Generation NIPTs and
Initial NIPTs

Early Next Generation
Implementing agency Hiro Clinic General obstetrics and gynecology
Target Anyone who is pregnant can
Basically only for high-risk individuals
Number of weeks Pregnancy confirmed by echo
About 6 weeks onwards
From 10 weeks
In charge Doctor Counsellor
Total autosomal aneuploidy
Test for chromosomal abnormalities, including chromosomes 21, 18 and 13
Sex chromosome aneuploidy
Testing of sex chromosomes (X or Y chromosomes)
Partial deletion-duplication
Testing for deletions and duplications of chromosomes 1-22
Microdeletions (four types)
Tests for specific missing chromosomes
Recessive genetic disorders (228 types)
Tests for genetic variants from parents’ genes that may cause foetal disease
Chromosome 21,18,13 trisomy only
(Test for chromosome 21,18,13 abnormalities)
Amniotic fluid
Refer patients to appropriate partner clinics
(Assisted amniotic fluid support available)
Referral to almost all university hospitals

NIPT at Hiro Clinic
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The only NIPT test in Japan with an
exclusive contract with Medicover


Hiro Clinic is the only company in Japan with an exclusive contract with Medicover.

Medicover’s NIPT is more technically advanced than conventional NIPT tests, which also require international patents. In addition to four types of microdeletion syndromes, 228 serious recessive genetic disorders, and in South East Asia only the Tokyo Health Laboratory, with which Hiro Clinic is affiliated, provides the technology. Hiro Clinic is the only laboratory in the country that carries out the test, so the results are available quickly.

We have experienced Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialists and Japanese Society of Human Genetics-certified clinical geneticists on staff to meet the various needs of pregnant women. We also offer a wider range of tests and advanced technology.

Medicover (https://www.medicover.com/)

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NIPT at Hiro Clinic
5 reassurances

  • 1 Doctor’s response from the first visit
  • While genetic counsellors often examine patients for early NIPT, Hiro Clinic’s doctors are available from the initial consultation. In addition, experienced specialists from the Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology are on staff.
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  • 3CAP certification
  • Dec 2023 CAP certification renewed.
    The laboratory that carries out NIPT testing at HIRO CLINIC has obtained CAP (College of American Path – ologists) certification, which is valuable as only two (2) laboratories in the country have obtained CAP certification for NIPT testing. This ensures that testing accuracy and procedures are guaranteed by an external organisation.
    This certification is renewed every two years, when CAP auditors from all over the world visit the hygiene laboratory and inspect whether inspections are carried out in accordance with the rules of the certification body. The survey verifies that the equipment and personnel are managed and operated correctly, and that errors are verified and reported when they occur and corrective action is taken correctly. Renewal of this certification must be supervised by a laboratory director who has performed administrative tasks at a CAP certification body, and regular verification must be carried out.
    Additionally, what sets CAP apart from ISO is its biannual verification. During this verification, the actual specimens are sent by the CAP governing body to each facility to verify that the tests are consistent across CAP facilities.
    CAP認証 CAP認証
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  • 4Fast and secure in-country inspections
  • The clinic specialises in NIPT testing in Japan and carries out strict quality control to provide high accuracy testing for your peace of mind. We guarantee peace of mind with reliable information and expertise from the highest standard of NIPT testing in Japan.
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  • 5Thorough management of personal data
  • The web server and data server are operated separately on this website, and this design minimises the risk of personal data leakage. Your data is stored in a secure environment, preventing unauthorised access by third parties.
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These factors ensure that the clinic’s website maintains high standards of security and protection of personal data, providing a safe and secure environment for customers to use the site.

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Key points of

  • 胎児への直接的な侵襲(ダメージ)リスクがありません

    No direct risk of invasion (damage) to the foetus

  • 妊娠周期10週0日目から 検査が可能です

    If the fetal heartbeat is confirmed by echocardiography, the test can be performed

  • 検査精度の高さ

    High inspection accuracy

  • 年齢制限がありません

    No age restrictions

NIPTctaボタン NIPT検査ご予約はこちら 出生前診断の予約ctaボタン

Philosophy of Hiro Clinic NIPT

Respect for the right to know
We respect the “right to know” of pregnant women and their families so that they can have a safe and healthy birth.
Towards a proper understanding of NIPT
NIPT aims to be widely understood not only to provide information on the health of the foetus, but also to maintain the health of the mother.
IT × Medical
The use of IT improves convenience for pregnant women, increases the accuracy of tests and provides a quick response.



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NIPTctaボタン NIPT検査ご予約はこちら 出生前診断の予約ctaボタン

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