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To ensure the health and peace of mind of all pregnant women, Hiro Clinic offers a service that enables early NIPT testing as soon as the foetus’ heartbeat is confirmed by echo examination.

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― 各プランの詳細はこちら ―

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What is Early NIPT?

Until now, Hiro Clinic has conducted NIPT testing after 10 weeks, when there are worldwide publications and the validity of the test is guaranteed. This time, we randomly conducted the test on pregnant women whose pregnancies were detected at less than 10 weeks at the Tokyo Sanitary Laboratory, which conducts the test at our clinic, without checking the number of weeks, and we were able to obtain test results in all pregnant women.

NIPT testing has been recommended after 10 weeks, when a sufficient amount of foetal fraction (FF) in maternal blood is considered to be detected. The latest clinical experiment at the Tokyo Sanitary Laboratory has proved that a sufficient amount of foetal fraction (FF) can be detected in maternal blood even at less than 10 weeks.

Early NIPT is performed in pregnant women under 10 weeks, and is not restricted to the number of weeks of gestation. However, to ensure the accuracy of the test, testing after 10 weeks is strongly recommended.

A second examination after 10 weeks of pregnancy is available at no extra cost.

※Tests taken at less than 10 weeks are expected to have lower sensitivity and specificity than those taken at 10 weeks or later.
※If the Early NIPT test is positive at less than 10 weeks, there is no positive target rate or positive score reported.

Early NIPT is available for all plans except the N-Advance FM+ and N-Advance GM+ plans.

Inspection process

Tested at less than 10 weeks (1st test)

Notification of result

Second test appointment (please book 2 weeks after the first examination and after 10 weeks).

Notification of result

Amniotic fluid testing support (covered and not covered)

Amniotic fluid testing support is also applicable for Early NIPT (additional JPY 3,300 (incl. tax)).

Less than 10 weeks test・・・Positive
Test after 10 weeks・・・Positive


Less than 10 weeks test・・・Negative
Test after 10 weeks・・・Positive


Less than 10 weeks test・・・Positive
Test after 10 weeks・・・Negative


※ Other than the above, amniotic fluid testing support is not covered.

Frequently asked questions about Early NIPT

Q:Can I have early NIPT at Hiro Clinic if I am less than 10 weeks pregnant?

A:The NIPT test can be performed once the foetus’ heartbeat is confirmed by echo. In such cases, it is recommended that the second test is performed after 10 weeks.

Q3:Which plans are available?

A:Any plan can be used, except the H plan.

Q4:Can I still receive the service if I don’t have my echographic photographs or maternity book?

A:You can take the test at your own risk.

Q5:If a NIPT test is positive at less than 10 weeks, can an amniotic fluid test be supported?

A:Under 10 weeks, if any of the two subsequent tests are positive, the patient is eligible for amniocentesis support, even if the first test is positive and the patient does not take the second amniocentesis test.

Q6:How can I book a second appointment?

A:Once the results of the first test are available, the same My Page can be used to book the appointment.

― 各プランの詳細はこちら ―

N-Scan N-Guard N-Advance

Echo at 5 weeks’ gestation The foetal sac is identified.

Echo at 6 weeks’ gestation Fetal length is 5.7 mm.

Echo at 7 weeks’ gestation 8.7 mm still getting bigger.

Echo at 8 weeks’ gestation

Echo at 9 weeks’ gestation