P-Plan only at Hiro Clinic

Hiro Clinic used to perform domestic testing due to result reporting and transport risks, but when the NIPT test was first introduced, it was transported overseas to Verinata Health (USA) and has a wealth of experience with over 3 000 tests. Recently, we have often been asked by test takers whether we are able to test for the five microdeletions that are performed in other hospitals. In order to meet the needs of our examinees, we are able to use our experience to provide testing by overseas transport.
【Only available at Tokyo Ekimae Clinic, Shinjuku Ekimae Clinic, Omiya Ekimae Clinic, Yokohama Ekimae Clinic, Osaka Ekimae Clinic and Hakata Ekimae Clinic】

Overseas laboratory outsourcing,
Disadvantages of the P-plan

The clinic experienced a wealth of over 3,000 cases in overseas laboratories (mainly Verinata Health) and found that the following disadvantages existed, which led to the consideration and implementation of operating a laboratory in the country.


Sample management issues

When our doctors visited overseas laboratories, samples were stored in large baskets in a disorderly manner and taken out from the top, so that each time a sample was added, the samples at the bottom were put on the back burner. In addition, names and dates of birth were checked visually, rather than by barcode, and there was a risk of same-sex name errors due to romanisation.

Samples expired due to transport errors

There were several cases of samples being lost. In addition, the number of days taken for transport was sometimes significantly delayed if it coincided with a public holiday abroad. Delays were particularly noticeable during the Christmas season.

Stopping luggage in quarantine

When shipping to Verinata Health (USA), there were delays in transit due to customs delays and Saturday shipments were routed through Canada, which took longer to arrive. In one case, this caused specimens to expire and require retesting. In another case, not only one but all samples sent at the same time expired.

Delays in test results

It took up to 21 days for the test results to be available.

Lack of response to testing errors

The administration screen only showed ‘Re-test’, and when we contacted Verinata Health we were unable to obtain further information and had to wait for the results. On one occasion, this retest was repeated up to three times.

For these reasons, it became clear that overseas inspections entail a number of disadvantages, and the policy was changed to conducting tests in-country.

Flexible pricing for P-Plan

We are committed to providing a high quality service at a price you can afford. If you compare our prices 【overseas testing only】 with those of other clinics and feel that our services are too expensive, please contact us. We will adjust the price of our 【overseas testing only】 plan to meet your needs as much as possible and provide you with a price that you can afford.

P-Plan testing details


JPY 124,546 (JPY 137,000 incl. tax)

Number of reporting days

The average reporting time for P-plan is 10-14 days.

No.1-22 Trisomy Test

Tests for trisomy, a type of chromosomal abnormality

Sex Chromosome Test

Check for X or Y chromosome abnormalities

Microdeletion Test

  • 1p36 Deletion Syndrome (1p36)
  • Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome(4p16.3)
  • Cri-du-chat Syndrome(5p15.2)
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome(15q11.2)
  • Angelman Syndrome(15q11.2)
  • DiGeorge Syndrome(22q11.2)

Sex Determination

Early determination of fetal sex