Hiro Clinic NIPT offers all that is known available at present, plans that fit your budget, and a variety of additional options.
Please choose the plan that suits you best.

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Test Plans

The test is can test on single fetus and even twins.

Safe and Reliable plan with full coverage

F: Full Set Plan

All-inclusive test coverage

¥240,000 ( ¥264,000 including tax)
※¥291,500 including tax if twins.

Recommend to:

  • Those who want to check for all abnormalities that can be tested by Hiro Clinic NIPT.
  • Those who have had abnormalities in previous pregnancies.
  • Those who experience repeated miscarriages.
  • Those who have a close relative with a disability of any kind.

This is test covering all abnormalities that can be examined as of this moment.

What you can find out with this plan

  • Down syndrome and other chromosome number abnormalitiesChromosomes 1~22※1
  • Abnormalities in the number of sex chromosomes such as Klinefelter syndrome
    and Turner syndrome
  • Structural abnormality of chromosome deletion or duplicationChromosomes 1~22※2
  • Gender/Sex

This is a test covering all items that can be examined to date.
Hiro Clinic NIPT tests for abnormalities in number and also reports cases of monosomies as well as trisomies.

R: Recommended Plan

Recommended test based on the results of over 20,000 people

Test Plans for your objectives

B: over35 Plan

This plan tests for abnormalities that are more likely to occur in people over the age of 35.

G: Junior Plan

Added deletion and duplicate tests with high positivity rates to the Light Plan.

Compact Plans

A: Light Plan

Minimum Plan + Sex Chromosome
Abnormality Testing

O: Minimum Plan

Testing at accredited facilities
+ 21,18,13 Monosomy

K: Sex Chromosome Stand-alone
Testing Plan

Sex chromosome & Gender Identification
Stand-alone Testing Plan

Autosomal Stand-alone
Testing Plan

Select One Autosomal Chromosome
from 1~22 to test

※ 1: Abnormalities in the number of chromosomes occurring in a single chromosome; triploid and tetraploid chromosomes are not included.
※ 2: Deletions and duplications of 7 million bases or more only. Translocations and inversions are not included.

Optional Services

TestDescriptionTesting Fee
UltrasoundLimited to Tokyo, Nagoya, Hakata and Gynecology clinics only.¥10,000 (¥11,000 including tax)
Mutual AidOne-time cash payment onlyTax Exemption ¥3,000
Medical ExaminationRemote session: 20 min.¥4,000 (¥4,400 including tax)
Genetic CounselingRemote session: 20 min.¥4,000 ( ¥4,400 including tax )
Mailing of test resultsSend test results by registered mail¥3,000 (¥3,300 including tax)

※The NIPT test is not covered by insurance. The full amount is to be paid by the patient,
so insurance cards cannot be used.

※Option only is not available.

How to Choose a Plan

  • R001

    There are several NIPT tests available,
    but which one should I choose… The Minimum plan seems to be more affordable for the cost of the test, but what do you think?

  • H001

    I know you are probably anxious about the NIPT test because it is not a test that is taken often.
    The Minimum Plan is an affordable plan that can test for Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) as well as Trisomy 18 and 13.

Hiro Clinic Hiro Clinic NIPT NIPT Minimum Plan Minimum Plan

Source: Hiro Clinic Research

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Hiro Clinic NIPT Distribution of Positive Cases ( from June 2020)

Hiro Clinic Hiro Clinic NIPT NIPT Distribution Map Distribution Map

Source: Hiro Clinic Research

The chart above shows the distribution of positive cases since June 2020. About a quarter of the positive cases tested at Hiro Clinic NIPT fall into the Autosomal Stand-alone Testing Plan (Chromosomes 1 to 22) that tests for Trisomy 21.

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