O: Minimum Plan

¥90,000  (¥99,000 incl. tax)  
¥126,500 for twins, including tax
If you are visiting a related clinic
(¥121,000 including tax)
¥148,500 for twins, including tax.

The Minimum Plan examines for abnormalities in chromosomes 21, 18, and 13.
This is the same testing performed at accredited facilities.

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Recommended to:

Those who want to keep costs down but would like to have testing that is equivalent to the testing done at the NIPT Consortium.

Diseases that can be detected by this test

ChromosomeDisease/DisorderOccurrence rate
21Down syndrome1 in 700
18Edwards syndrome1 in 6,000
13Patau syndrome1 in 10,000

Chromosomes 21, 18, 13 will be tested for Patau Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, and Down Syndrome which are among the most frequent congenital diseases caused by changes in the number of autosomal chromosomes, which are 22 pairs of chromosomes (44 chromosomes).

Down syndrome is the most common intellectual disability caused by genetic problems,and its physical characteristics include grow impairment, loss of muscle tone, and distinctive facial features. Complications include thyroid disease, otolaryngological disease, ophthalmological disease. Some of which may require medical treatment, such as congenital heart disease, which may also result in organ damage.
Many of these children attend local schools or special needs schools with support classes. They may be active in sports, the arts, and many other areas.

Edwards syndrome is may be caused by developmental failure in utero, most often resulting in miscarriages or stillbirths. Most of those born alive have multiple congenital defects in the brain, heart, and other organs, and many die before the age of one, while those who survive have problems with intellectual disability and developmental disabilities. Their physical characteristics include growth impairment from the fetal stage, and breathing and eating problems. Complications include heart disease (90%), gastrointestinal malformations, cleft lip and palate, and joint contractures.

Most children with Patau Syndrome will have congenital defects in the brain and other organs. Most of the children with this condition are miscarried or stillborn, and 80% of those who survive at birth die before the age of one month. 10% of the children with this condition die within a year of birth.
Their physical characteristics include growth impairment ,and breathing and eating problems/disorders.
Complications include cleft lip and palate, polydactyly, eye disease, heart disease (80%), and holoprosencephaly, which are congenital defects in the brain and organs.

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A quarter of those with positive results didn’t know they turned positive

2.56%( around 518 people) of the total number of patients in the Hiro Clinic NIPT had positive results. (*As of March 2020 – June 2021)
About 27.3% of them were not able to find out that they had tested positive for a disease other than the ones that are reported/tested by the plan they selected.

Positivity Report

Hiro Clinic Hiro Clinic Positivity Report Positivity Report

Source: Hiro Clinic Research

Assuming 100% of those who were positive, whether or not the results are reported.

The 49.9% of all the pregnant women who took the Minimum plan were detected to have chromosomal abnormalities not included in to the test coverage: Chromosome 21,18 &13 trisomy/monosomy.

Below is a chart showing the range of diseases that can be reported under the Minimum Plan based on the percentage of overall disease types for those who are found to have a disease/disorder.

Scope of report on results of Full Set & Minimum Plan

Hiro Clinic Hiro Clinic NIPT NIPT Minimum Plan Minimum Plan

Source: Hiro Clinic Research

Consider a Full Set Plan that includes a very detailed examination.

The minimum plan offers affordable costs and examines chromosomes 21, 18, and 13 in case there is one fetus (single fetus) or twins.
All clinic tests are performed domestically in Japan, and results are usually delivered within 2~5 days (usually within 3~6 days for some clinics and partner facilities) from the day of blood collection. Please note that express delivery option is available at all Hiro Clinic NIPT clinics (within 2~3 days after blood collection), except for partner facilities.

New Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
Over 28,000 completed cases
You can take the test
with an easy mind.

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